Since my trip to Tokyo in 2009, my go-to drink is a Moscow Mule. I find it so easy to make and to ask at a bar when they don’t have any fancy cocktails (like Mojito, it’s my favorite cocktail!). You simply ask vodka, ginger ale and a lime, that’s it! But a couple years ago, I switched to gin and Moscow Mule became a Gin Buck, my new favorite, which is a mix of gin, ginger ale and lemon.

So, a couple of weeks ago, I was looking at my bottle of Mezcal that I brought from Mexico and was wondering if I could swap the vodka or gin for Mezcal and make a Moscow Mule but with a Mexican twist. I thought it would be interesting to taste the smoky flavor (love!) mixed with ginger ale and lime. And I tested it out and it turned out pretty tasty!

It’s officially summer now and it’s also a long weekend for us here in Quebec (St. Jean Baptiste day is on Saturday) so why not try this refreshing smoky-spicy Mezcal Mule! The ingredients I used are:


1.5 oz mezcal

½ lime, juiced + 1-2 slices of lime

1 bottle/ can of ginger ale (I like to use Real brew Outrageous Ginger Ale, or any natural ginger ale that you can find at a health store)

*I like to use my copper mug that I bought in Texas for this drink


Add ice, mezcal, lime juice and slices of lime then fill the glass with ginger ale and stir. Voilà!





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