Five months ago, I tried the keto diet (The Ketogenic diet). I was fed up of plateauing for months with my weight; I wanted change, a real change! I’ve been the same f*cking weight since January and even if at first I cut my portions to lose weight, now my body was resisting this tactic. So, I stumbled across this girl on Instagram (a trainer) who is living the Keto Lifestyle. At first, I thought it wasn’t for me since I’m a vegetarian and the thought of eating mainly fat repulsed me. But then, I looked more into it on the internet and it did make sense. Well..when you’re desperate, you will try anything, right?! After all, Kourtney Kardashian did it last year and look at her body! The next day, it was set. “I’m freaking doing it” I told myself!

The main goal of the Keto diet is to eat low-carb meals (mainly fat, moderate protein and low carbs) to get yourself into ketosis which is a metabolic state when your body doesn’t have enough carbohydrates from food so instead it burns fat from your fat supply. Eating this way helps to achieve a lean body. (not skinny fat!)



Let’s start with the pros:

-I have a consistent energy throughout the day. Usually, I’d get super tired around 3-4pm. But now, there are no more ups and downs.

-I also have steady energy when I run. My endurance is better BUT it’s more difficult to be more performant or run faster on this diet. You don’t have a burst of energy like on a high carb diet.

-Losing weight! My weight is dropping faster than before but in my case, I can’t drop a huge amount of weight because I’m closer to being underweight so I can’t lose that much. But the number on the scale is not the only thing we should focus on, I can see also my measurements going down.

Now, the cons:

-The keto flu is not fun. You feel tired and you have no energy at all. It only lasted a couple of days for me. You crave carbs at the beginning, it’s tough but after the first week, the cravings are gone.

-Groceries are damn expensive!

-My weight fluctuates a lot. The 2nd week my weight was stalling, and I felt like quitting. But I kept ketoing and bam! The weight went down a bit more. It’s really about patience.

-I can’t cheat. If I eat carbs, I get out of ketosis. It’s that simple! Plus, you automatically gain back the water weight you originally lost.

-Irregular periods. Let’s talk about female problems now… let me just say how bad it was for the first two months. Imagine having unpredictable periods on and off for two months!

It wasn’t fun, at some point, I thought I needed to go see a doctor because clearly there was a problem with me and I was getting worried for my iron level since I was diagnosed with iron deficiency three years ago.

But after googling and searching online for an answer, I saw a lot of women complaining about the same thing on the keto forums. Apparently, estrogen is stored in fat cells and on the keto diet, you’re targeting the fat cells so it releases the estrogen and that’s why you get hormonal problems. After two months, my body went back to normal though. Thank god!

Also, when I had a little carb fest (cheating day) I was often in pain after. On my girls trip to New York, I was walking on Fifth Avenue in pain, on my birthday I had to lie down on a bench on my way home and called an uber (for a 2-min drive!) because I was in pain and at Osheaga, at the end of the night, I was, as you can guess, in pain! Eating too many carbs in one meal was causing me bad cramps because my body wasn’t used to (a lot of!) carbs.


My breakfast/lunch: I eat mostly (and sadly) eggs! So, an omelette with egg whites mixed with spinach and cheese, or two eggs with half of an avocado. Sometimes I like to eat a small portion of Greek yogurt mixed with chia seeds and hemp seeds, with some berries and a spoon of peanut butter.

Lunch: It depends if it’s during the week or the weekend. At work, I usually snack on boiled eggs and a handful of almonds. Sometimes, I eat grilled tofu with either asparagus or broccoli (they’re both low carbs veggies) and avocado. Or an omelette.

Dinner: A salad! Every single dinner it’s a salad, almost! I mixed spinach with a low carb dressing (vegan caesar dressing or olive oil mixed with dried herbs), cherry tomatoes, cucumber, kalamata olives, avocado and I add tofu or grilled halloumi for protein.

Also with this diet, I’m doing the intermittent fasting. I drink coffee until 11-12h and I eat until around 8pm.



The answer is no. I did it for 3 months and after being on and off at the end plus not losing any more weight, it was discouraging. Because let’s be honest, I did the keto diet to lose the last 10 pounds and get a lean physique but being a vegetarian it was harder for me to sustain long-term and get variety in my diet.

Even though I’m not doing it anymore, I still believe keto diet is an amazing diet to follow and I believe in the benefits. It taught me to eat low carbs to feel better and less bloated. Eating grains isn’t the best for me, I feel better without them and it’s better to start my day with eggs (it keeps me full longer).

I’m now more aware of the amount of carbs in some food and I pay more attention to them. If you’re not a vegetarian, I’ll recommend you to try this diet. Otherwise, just cut down on the carbs and you will notice a difference in how you feel and how you look!

Let me know your thoughts if you’re currently doing this diet or planning on doing it!


Izzy xx


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