I’ve been working on my ear game for a while now, more precisely over a year. I first fell in love with multiple ear piercings 4 years ago. I stumbled upon some articles online that led me to check out, J. Colby Smith, one of the most well known professional piercers in New York City and a favorite of the fashion people.

Unfortunately, Montreal is way behind the times when it comes to piercing and I wanted go to New York so I snubbed the Montreal piercers and set my eyes on J. Colby Smith. No silver, no titanium, no piercing gun, no industrial look. I wanted the real gold and dainty look and I didn’t want anyone else to touch my ears.

And so, I let go of my piercing dream for a while and waited until last year to take a trip to New York to go eat all the possible vegan food in New York, but also to finally meet J. Colby Smith and come back to Montreal with a cool and edgier look.

When I confirmed my appointment at New York Adorned (at the time, J. Colby Smith was working there and you needed to book an appointment in advance) it took me weeks to decide what I wanted to get, until I walked into the piercing shop. At first, I wanted a daith piercing, but then I thought that I should start with something less intense.

I wanted also the simple and common lobe piercing, but then over there, they recommended me a double piercing next to each other in the upper lobe. I thought it was cool, but way less scary to do than all the other piercings. So, I got 3 to begin with and came back to Montreal.

Fast forward a year later, I was religiously following Maria Tash’s instagram for some ear piercing inspiration and suddenly I saw a post saying they were coming to Canada and saw Montreal as one of the cities they were going to visit and I freaked out!!!

I booked an appointment at the pop-up shop and for two weeks I was contemplating what I was going to get next. Btw, this part is really exciting! The piercing part not so much…specially the second hole the piercer makes.



Since J. Colby Smith was in New York and I was in Montreal, I couldn’t ask him what was going on with my double piercings who were acting up big time.

And so, at the Maria Tash pop-up shop, I met Ashley Carment aka the best piercer in New York (apparently, I only get pierced by the best …wink wink!) she gave me her advice on my piercing problem and she pierced three new holes in my ear: the third lobe, tash rook* and the helix).

When she asked me which one I was more afraid of, I responded the Tash rook…the middle part of the ear, I bet it hurts! Surprisingly, I didn’t really feel anything except she knew it was best to clear up the one I was more scared first since the second and third ones will hurt much more and damn! I felt those two! Ouch..

But it’s only a couple of seconds, so there’s nothing to worry about and that shouldn’t scare you from getting a piercing though. Then my ear was all pretty for two months until two of them started acting up….FUCK! Again!! Huge disappointment followed.

*Tash rook is an ear placement made by Maria Tash

**Update: I removed the Tash rook (flat piercing) after a couple of months and one year later, the helix isn’t fully healed yet!





After my first piercings, I saw how patience and consistency were required to heal my piercings. I guess it depends for everyone, for some the healing process is easy and effortless and for some others (like me) it’s the opposite and it’s a constant battle.

To be honest, my double lobe piercing isn’t completely healed yet…yep…over a year now and I’m still struggling with it and the cause of it: the two holes merged together. So yeah, be ready…everything can happen! When you make holes in your body, you never know how your body is going to react. With so many piercings to heal now, I learned a couple of tips  and I’d like to share them with you.



First, clean your piercing 1-2 times per day for 2 months with a saline wrap or spray a saline solution (I use H2Ocean Piercing aftercare spray) on a piece of scott towel and place it on top of your piercing for 5 minutes. Ashley, my piercer at the Maria Tash pop-up shop, gave me 2 boxes of saline wrap (I tried to find the product online, but I don’t remember the brand, my bad) and I loved it, you just wrap your ear completely if you got multiple piercings. But it’s expensive to order them if you live in Canada, if you live in the United States, you’re lucky.

She gave me an alternative for when I was going to run out, spray the H2Ocean spray on a piece of scott towel and it’s basically the same thing. I used to spray directly on my piercings, but she told me not to do that since it leaves the piercing wet and it won’t heal faster.



How many times did I google?: ‘I have a bump next to my ear piercing’ Plenty! And it’s not fun when you don’t know what’s going on with your piercing. Sometimes, our first reaction is to think it’s infected, but most of the time it’s only an irritation.

One thing I highly recommend, it’s to not touch at all your piercing and stay the hell away from anyone or anything that can bump and hit your ear during the healing process. I don’t know how many times I told my boyfriend to not put his hands on my ear when he’s trying to kiss me and also, the hair stylist’s brush is another one to stay away from.


Ashley told me the less, the better. They are so many people online telling others to put this and that on your piercing, but she advised me to only use the warm salt soak* and that’s it. One amazing tip she shared with me is the airplane head rest cushion. My favorite side to sleep on is the left side so to get all my new piercings on the left side was troublesome, but with the head rest it changed everything and it’s really comfy too!

Also, it’s best to wait until your piercing is healed (around 4 months for a lobe piercing) to change your earrings. If you have an old piercing acting up, use warm water only to warm up the piercing and help the blood circulation. That’s what I’m doing with my one year old double piercings.

*To make the warm salt soak: mix 1 cup of warm water (not too hot!) with 1/8 tsp of sea salt (don’t make it too salty).



Don’t forget that bumps can come and go. So, for a couple of months, you have to clean or take care of a bump every single day. It took me a couple of weeks to clear completely one bump with only a warm salt soak a day, I still have to take care of one more bump though.

For a lobe piercing, it takes a couple of months to heal and for the other ones, it takes longer, like the helix can take up to a year. So yeah,  it’s all about consistency and patience and after a year, you’ll be good.

Hope this guide will help you!

Izzy xx



First and second hole: Diamond eternity ring / Third lobe: Single spike ring / Helix: Diamond eternity ring / Tash rook: Diamond flower stud


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