SKINCARE ROUTINE: 3 Tips I’ve Learned From my Aesthetician

Right after quarantine last year, I went for a much-needed facial and realized that my skincare game wasn’t THAT strong. After talking about my skin with my aesthetician, I noticed that I did a couple of things wrong. She checked my skin (my skin felt rough) and she could tell I wasn’t being kind to my skin and that would lead me to wrinkles if I didn’t step up my game. The only good thing I did was applying sunscreen every day! (It’s so important and even crucial to put sunscreen on our face whenever we go outside even if it’s a cloudy day!) So, I sat down and worked on my skincare routine. (I’m not kidding, I legit made a skincare plan.) Today, I can finally share with you my THE plan and my favorite products! So here’s what I’ve learned while getting my facial :

If you love to workout

While in quarantine, I developed a passion for fitness (my workout routine) But the point here, it’s that I started sweating like a beast 5-6 times per week and that was new to me (becoming seriously addicted to working out) so I had to adapt my skincare routine to my new workout regimen. BUT…what I did was wrong. I was doing my skincare routine + sunscreen in the morning before working out. Mirela, my aesthetician, told me not to do my skincare routine until AFTER I’m done working out.  I was wasting my products since I was sweating. So, I wake up in the morning and put sunscreen on my face (If I walk my dog or go for a run outside) then I work out, wash my face and apply my skincare products and sunscreen again. There’s no waste of products and my skin feels fresher!

Vitamin C serum

I use two serums. One is hyaluronic acid and the other one is “Buffet” (both from The Ordinary) but during my facial, she was telling me that I needed to use a Vitamin C serum (and it’s not the first time she told me this, I just didn’t listen). It’s good if you want anti-aging properties, protect your skin against free radical damage and even your skin tone.

I’m in my early 30s, so anything anti-aging needs to be applied to my skin ASAP! So back home, I did some research on it and realized that my skincare routine was missing an important step.  The vitamin C serums are expensive and maybe that’s why I didn’t feel like listening to her the first time.

But that splurge was necessary and let me tell you I’m not disappointed! I bought the Drunk Elephant C-Firma Fresh Day Serum after browsing the Sephora page and the reviews.  Wow! The first time I put it on my face, it was magic! My skin felt more uniformed and more glowy. I know it takes at least a month before you can see results but there’s some short-term results that happened after a couple of days! I use it daily and apply it in the morning and I also keep in the fridge to help preserve the longevity of the product.


I told you earlier in this post that I wear sunscreen all the time and how important it is. Well, Mirela told me information that we would often neglect but it’s important that we’re all aware of, including me!  At the end of my facial, Mirela asked me how I’m going back home so she could apply sunscreen. I responded that I was driving but was going from one indoor garage to another so it wasn’t necessary. WRONG. It’s necessary, even in the car! Yes, sunrays go right through the car windows. I felt dumb but yeah, wear your sunscreen even if you’re just driving in your car, people!

I hope you feel less dumber (like me!) by knowing these “often” forgotten tips. Next, I’ll share with you the new products I’m using (and loving!) in my updated “In my thirties and super scared of aging” skincare routine.

Thanks to Mirela at Annie Young Boutique Spa for these precious tips (and for giving me a wake-up call so I can save my skin before it’s too late!)

My Skincare Routine

Morning skincare routine:
  • sunscreen before walking with my dog
  • wash face after workout
  • apply vitamin C serum
  • apply eye cream
  • apply moisturizer
  • apply sunscreen
Nighttime skincare routine:
  • I usually alternate between (serum + moisturizer) and (retinol* + oil/serum + moisturizer) or (peel pads**/lactic acids/exfoliation + serum + moisturizer)

*2 times per week retinol + rose hip oil or serum and moisturizer  (not on the same days as peel pads)

**1 time per week peel (lactic acid or pads) and or exfoliation (max 1-2 times per week) (not on the same day as retinol)

Products I love:


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