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Finally, I found the time to sit (with no distraction!) to write this travel diary! I’m late on this one since I came back mid-October from my trip! But I still wanted to write a blog post about it because I received dm’s during my trip! Some of you guys were interested in knowing more about the places I went to during my road trip in California!

Let me start with the “why” and “how” I went to California. Over the summer, my dad and I were talking about going on vacation together since I was alone and single and he thought it was the perfect time to do one last trip as a family before I would be taken again (It’s funny because that’s what really happened! He knew it!)and my mom came with us right before we booked the trip.

We also landed in San Francisco and drove a rental car down the west coast and ended our trip in Los Angeles. Our first stop was: San Francisco! So here are the places and restaurants we’ve been to and my recommendations:


Okay, so San Francisco ain’t cheap. It was difficult to find a hotel that wasn’t crazy super expensive or a hotel that was cheap but not creepy and not in a bad neighborhood. After an hour or two of swearing, headaches and almost giving up the credit card number to an expensive hotel, I finally found an Airbnb in Berkeley. It was a cute loft in a quiet neighborhood. People in this area were lovely and the restaurants we went to were good!


Gracias Madre

Our first stop was Gracias Madre, we got out of the airport and went straight to this restaurant and we weren’t disappointed! They serve delicious healthy Mexican food.

Ananda Fuara

We were trying to find a café and ended up taking the wrong way plus we were starving so I ordered an Uber and got to the nearest vegetarian restaurant around us and that’s how we discovered this place! My parents were surprised by how good the food was. If you go, order the Neatloaf. It’s amazing!

Little Star Pizza

I always wanted to try deep-dish pizza or Chicago-style pizza. And of course, we had to eat pizza at least once (actually; I ate pizza multiple days in a row during this trip! I got fed up of eating pizza, can you imagine!) We took a vegetarian deep-dish pizza and a salad to share. The one we went to was tiny, so it’s recommended to make a reservation. But I guess I have to go to Chicago to try a real deep-dish pizza!


I think it’s the best vegan burger I’ve ever had! I got the Creamy Shrooms, my dad and my mom got the Tangy Tartar and Smoky BBQ. And they were all very good! If you crave a good vegan burger, it’s the place to go!

Berkeley Social Club

Before we left San Francisco to go to Napa Valley, we stopped by Berkeley Social Club for brunch. The Mascarpone Blueberry stuffed crunch French toast is to die for. Seriously, I’m not a “sweet brunch” type of person but it’s a must try there.

Things to do in San Francisco

  • The Painted Ladies: the row of Victorian houses and famously known from the tv show Full House
  • Lombard street: the crooked street! We drove down the street; it was fun!
  • Twin peaks: amazing views of San Francisco but it’s really cold up there!
  • Union square: for shopping
  • Golden Gate bridge vista point: a must see and to take pictures with the bridge in the background
  • Escape from the rock cruise: The best cruise if you want to pass under the bridge, go around Alcatraz island and see the sea lions at pier39.

During our stay in San Francisco, it was Fleet Week, and we got to see the Blue Angels flying over San Francisco Bay during our Escape from the rock cruise. It was the best timing ever but also the highlight of our trip in San Francisco! If you wanna see it, check out my San Francisco vlog down below!






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