First post, first outfit, and I decided to go with this look because it’s a good reflection of my favorite colors, the colors of my living room!

Okay, let me start by saying that I love black and white! My whole life is black and white, from my home decorations, to my car (yep my car is black and white, well, the inside to be more specific) and let’s not forget my dog, Daifuku, she’s also black and white.

So black and white was naturally going to be the first choice of my outfit but even if I’m not really into flashy colors, I like a little hint of color. So when I was shopping with my boyfriend at Zara, I was actually on my way out of the store because it was closing time but I couldn’t stop eyeing this pink leather jacket. A black leather jacket is a timeless classic, but this pink number was just so different and had this ‘un petit je ne sais quoi’ quality. My boyfriend urged me to try it on but I was hesitant because the store was technically closed and I wanted to behave like a good customer and get the fuck out… but I couldn’t resist and the rest is history.




Leather jacket: Zara / Blouse: Bestseller / Jeans: Bestseller / Velvet choker: Aldo / Bag: Michael Kors / boots: Aldo (old)


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