A month ago, my friends and I went to the Lavender fields, La Maison Lavande, in St-Eustache. My friend, Josyane, came up with this summer activity and thought it would be a fun day. It turned out to be an AMAZING day!!! It was unbelievable!

You’re probably asking yourself “Why are they so blown away by a day at the lavender fields??” Well, it was perfect! Perfect in every way! Okay, okay.. minus the traffic on our way to La Maison Lavande, everything was amazing! The day started out with a little car ride all together to the fields, dogs are allowed on the site so Daifuku came with us (it felt like I brought my kid with me!), even though there were many people that day, as soon as we arrived at the lavender fields, the staff greeted us with “You guys picked the best day of the whole year! It’s THE best day!”. Apparently, the weather and the heat wave of the week before helped the flowering.

We walked through the lavender fields under the shining sun and put the blanket right in the middle of the fields and started our little picnic with the beautiful scenery around us. We ate and drank rosé, it couldn’t get better than this, really!

After our picnic, my friend (and photographer) Katerine and I, did a little photoshoot in the lavender fields. My dog was also part of it. I love the top picture of this post and for sure I will frame it for my place! It’s our new family portrait! haha

We shot at the last minute, just before closing time (wish they closed later, especially during summer!) but the good thing is, we were almost alone in the fields so it was better for us! 5 o’clock came and they had to kick us out.

Of course, we arrived late at the bistro; we had to beg the girls behind the counter for their famous lavender frozen yogurts. We got them only because Daifuku is cute and the girls couldn’t resist her cuteness! (Thanks Daifuku, I owe you a cookie!) It was delicious, some will say it tastes weird at first but it gets better after a couple of bites.

We stopped by the shop on our way back and I bought lavender bouquets for my mom and I. It smells so good! The bouquet is also very pretty on my coffee table!

We left super grateful with beautiful memories of a lovely day at the lavender fields! It was one of the best highlight of the summer so far. I recommend it if you live in Montreal or come to the city during the summer. Don’t forget to bring your picnic, your camera and your dog!


Izzy xx

Location: La Maison Lavande

Straw Hat: H&M / Dress: H&M / Backpack: Aldo


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