Before Covid-19, I enjoyed working out. You know … the kind of enjoying it whenever I wanted or had the energy to.

If we rewind back between the age of 15 to 20 years old, I was on the treadmill almost daily I was the cardio type of girl, running my ass off after school and right before dinner. I was a model back then and that’s how I lost the weight (I lost 25 pounds when I was 15 years old). I really enjoyed it and was dedicated to my workout regimen but then I went to Tokyo, kept the treadmill dedication going but started partying my ass off and fell from the bandwagon. I started prioritizing the booze and fun instead of the treadmill. And I also was more attracted to the gym trainer than the treadmill. The discipline has gone out the window, and I became a lazy f*cking ass.

Slowly, in my early 20s, I started working out. I ran outside and winter came and I stopped. I started Kayla Itsines program, felt amazing then I stopped. I went back to hot yoga (Fun fact: I discovered Hot Yoga at my gym in Tokyo [it was 2009] and fell in love. But the classes were in Japanese so the only words I understood were inhale and exhale. [I was the only Caucasian in the class and the teacher was kind enough to speak two words in English for me!]) but guess what? I stopped after a couple of months! And did the same pattern repeatedly again!

Now, let’s come back to 2019. I started Pilates and was taking Hot Barre classes with my friend Josyane whenever it could work into our schedule. I also started Melissa Wood Health, I liked it because it’s a mix of Pilates and Yoga and I was slowly building up a good workout routine. I wasn’t working out six days a week, one hour per day, weekly, but I was becoming more dedicated and started scheduling my workouts in my agenda. I have to say something important here: This helps tremendously! If you’re struggling, as I was, please start scheduling your workouts and prioritize this time for you and your well-being. It keeps you accountable and it also becomes a habit after a while.

I really enjoyed Pilates, I was committing to one or two sessions per week. One of my 2020 resolutions was to stay committed to my Pilates practice. Then Covid-19 came. Gym shut down. I was at a hot barre class when deep down we knew something bad was coming and two days later, the businesses were closing one after the other. That was my last group class of the year and I don’t know for how long. My Pilates class during that week got canceled and I never went back. I’m still sad that I couldn’t keep my New Year’s resolution going.

I was also using the treadmill at my condo building, and it was being also closed. I didn’t want to become a lazy ass again because of the Covid-19! And so I found another solution: working out at home! I was already working out at home but it was the cardio part I needed and I fell in love with one streaming online fitness program specifically.

The Sculpt Society:

I came across her IG page months before the pandemic, but it didn’t interest me at first. When the pandemic happened, I had to find a solution for working out at home (in the winter) that includes cardio and excludes a treadmill. Enter: Dance Cardio! I used to dance when I was younger so it was perfect for me to use dance as a workout. I fell in love but like a solid love, so much I’m still hooked a year after.

I love her energy, I like the way the class is built, you can do quickies, a 30 min. or 45 min. workout or you can do 60 minutes (30 min. sculpt + 30 min. dance cardio). You can find so many options and it never feels repetitive. I sometimes like doing her live workouts when I can. I love the feeling I get after each workout, you sweat, you push yourself to get stronger and at the end you’re so proud you did it. When you find a workout you enjoy, you stay consistent!

Tracy Anderson Method / John Benton Model Fitness:

I also tried Tracy Anderson Method for a couple of months and John Benton Model fitness too. I enjoyed both but I had to choose which workouts I prefer because I had too many workout programs to choose from. What I liked about the TA Method was that Tracy makes you feel like an athlete and think like one. The moves were complex but it was a good challenge sometimes. I found the workout was a bit too long plus you have to watch the breakdown and understand the moves each week. It was also pricey.

For John Benton Model fitness, I like it, it’s challenging and it’s a mix of cardio and moves to slim down your waist and hips. My problem area is my hips but you have to do it at least 4–5 times a week to see results and I find it repetitive and boring. I like to do it 1–2 times a week but not more than that.


Last August, I decided to give running another try. I enjoyed running but never did consistently since I fell from the bandwagon in 2009! It was always on and off. This time, I’ve been pretty consistent. I even run during winter in the snow! Even if the temperature gets low as -20! I grab my GTX sneakers, wear my “winter running” outfit and I’m off! For the other seasons, it’s easier but winter is a challenge: you need the right gear, the snow slows you down and it’s cold. But winter running makes you appreciate even more the summer runs! I run 2–3 times in the winter (30 minutes when it’s cold, sometimes 40 min.).

Summer and Fall, it was different. I ran 45 min.-1h usually 3–4 times per week. I do 7–8 km and I even did a 10k once! I fell in love with running again and same as The Sculpt Society, I love the feeling after. The runner’s high is real! I feel so free when I run. I also find it therapeutic, whenever I have emotions and thoughts to process, I go running and feel so much better after. That makes running so addictive.

So, for me to stay consistent and to challenge myself, I decided to set a goal: I will run a half-marathon this spring! I’m excited to achieve this personal goal!

Now, my workout schedule is a mix of running (cardio), The Sculpt Society (dance cardio + sculpting) and Melissa Wood Health (Pilates and Yoga). I feel this is a good mix, I like that the Pilates and Yoga flow compliment well my workout on running days. It’s important to stretch those muscles after, and I like to roll my legs on the foam roller after a run.

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