Christmas is coming soon and here’s my first holiday look! I combined a trendy velvet dress with a pair of glitter boots and a classy blazer to keep me warm (I’m always cold!). On another note, let’s talk about Christmas shopping! December is always a busy time for everyone so I decided to cut down on the shopping time by buying online and a month in advance! I despise going to the stores this time of the year because it’s the worst, and I avoid shopping malls like the plague so with my shopping already taken care of, I didn’t have to run around like a chicken with its head cut off. So I thought the easiest and laziest way to buy all those gifts without having to endure a bunch of people around me and long wait lines would be to sit on my couch and order on my computer with a… (Fill the blank with the drink of your choice!).

Some online Christmas shopping tips:

Make sure you order the right sizes and order in advance but like really in advance, especially if you order from another country. You don’t want to stress out that it’s not coming on time because of some sort of delay. Not cool and an unnecessary headache to follow. Right now, I just received all the packages and there’s a little bit more than a week left. It all worked out!

Look at the size guide and take your measurements and compare if it’s for you but if it’s for someone else, ask randomly what sizes they are, or worst-case scenario, take your best guess. It’s also helpful to read the customer reviews. Usually when I buy for myself and I compare my measurements with the size guide and I read the customer reviews, 99% of the time, the clothes fit me.

Sometimes it’s hard when someone has everything and can pretty much buy whatever they need themselves. So this year I had no clue what to buy for everyone, including my boyfriend so I told myself that I would buy stuff that they don’t need and would probably not think about buying. Then it’s easier, you remove the “what do they need” pressure off your shoulder and you buy something that you think will be an extra “Oh cool!” item for them.






Velvet dress: Lulus / Blazer: Zara / Choker: Na-kd (similar) / Bag: Zara / Boots: Zara


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