Last Spring,  I started experimenting with different breakfasts to see which one made me feel good and fuller until lunch. I snack a lot between meals and I always feel hungry like I’m never satisfied. I wanted to change that and see what food could fill me up and give me enough energy until the next meal. I then discovered the magic behind fiber! (I should do another post about fiber and the F-factor diet soon!)

After reading the F- factor diet book, I ditched the oatmeal which didn’t make me feel as good, full and always hungry an hour after (too many carbs if you follow a low-carb diet.) My breakfast of choice is a yogurt parfait: a mix of Greek yogurt with berries and Smart Bran cereal.

It’s the perfect balance to start your day: you get the protein from the Greek yogurt, your fiber from the berries and from the Smart Bran cereal. I definitely feel fuller when I eat this type of cereal then when I eat oatmeal, I can really see the difference. If you need an extra boost of protein, you can add almonds, nut butter, mixed nuts or egg whites on the side.


In the picture, I was in Saint Martin and produce can be different on an island than at home so I had to adjust. I picked a plain yogurt with no added sugar, grabbed the fruit available at my Airbnb (mango, papaya, and kiwi) and brought with me a bag of All-Bran Original (this was the cereal I was having at that time, I like to switch up and buy the one on special!).

It’s better to use berries (low on sugar, low carb and high in fiber, especially raspberries) but if you don’t have berries available at the moment, you can use a small portion of fruit. Sometimes, I like to add a quarter or a fifth of a banana to add a bit of sweetness to my bowl.

This breakfast is fun to do since you can mix it up and add ingredients whenever you feel for a little change or an extra boost of protein or sugar (if you feel like having a healthy dessert for breakfast!) I recently made a low carb/sugar free granola so I like to add a little to my parfait. This could be a great snack too. You can adjust it according to your mood!

High Fiber Yogurt parfait 

– 100 gr of 0% Greek Yogurt

– ½ cup of Smart Bran Cereal (or All-Bran Buds)

– ¼-1/2 cup of berries (raspberries, blueberries and/or strawberries)

– a dash of cinnamon


What the video below to see how I make it (1:17)



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