February is almost over and damn! It went so quick! Going on vacation made it definitely shorter. At the beginning of the month, my boyfriend and I left snowy Montreal and spent a week in Huatulco, Mexico. It was our first time there on the west coast as a couple (second time for me on the Pacific Coast of Mexico) and the weather over there was hot and sunny every single day. Last year we were on the East Coast, in Riviera Maya, which is close to Tulum, and the weather wasn’t amazing since it rained a few days during our stay.

If you saw my previous post and noticed the “…going on vacation…I think”, well, the bf and I are the most last, last, last minute ticket bookers. We were basically telling everyone we were going on vacation in a couple of days even though we didn’t know where we were going! We finally booked our tickets 36 hours before our departure. You can’t be more last minute than us!!


Huatulco is a resort town in the state of Oaxaca and our hotel was located on a bay. The closest town to Huatulco is La Crucecita, a 10-minute drive from the hotel. It is a clean, safe, and cute little town. We walked around and wanted to try a popular pizza place that everyone was raving about (we’re hardcore pizza lovers!) but it was closed during the day so we went to another restaurant and ordered pizza. Unfortunately, we were probably the only people on this planet to be served a Margharita pizza with a Bolognese sauce instead of tomato sauce and we happen to be two vegetarians! But as an ex meat eater, I recognized the meat right away and we escaped a near-disaster.

Oaxaca is where Mezcal is made (a liquor made from Agave). I’m not a fan of Tequila but Mezcal has this smokey flavor to it, it’s less disgusting and they serve it with an orange slice, which is a nice touch. One night we decided to try Mezcal and of course in Mexico the shots are jumbo size! It took me three big sips to finish it! But let’s just say after six shots, we were smashed. And the next day I was chugging water like there’s no tomorrow. Also, the Oaxacan cheese that we ate at the hotel looked so similar to the cheese curds back home in Montreal that I created a Mexican poutine: French fries, Oaxacan cheese and spicy sauce. Mmmm!


We chose a Barcelo resort for a second year in a row because we loved our stay the previous year in Riviera Maya and the hotel this time was really nice, clean and not too big. The people were very warm and friendly over there, and it made our stay that much better!



I really feel like Huatulco is a little hidden gem; a quiet and beautiful place yet to be discovered but most of us would like to keep it as a secret! Oops, too late!

If you want to see it with your own eyes, here’s my first travel vlog and first video on my new youtube channel:



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