Hey guys, hope you had a great week!

It’s finally Friday and I don’t know why but every Friday I’m happy it’s the weekend because even though I work during the week, I also work on the weekend so what’s the point of the #tgif for me?! But oh well! I have to admit that I do feel a difference in the vibe, if you’re like me, you can tell if it’s the week or the weekend just by the vibe in the air. You feel it.

So now let’s talk about this head-to-toe black outfit, a look for a night out: black faux leather leggings, black pajama blouse and black high heels. Simple, elegant, a bit masculine so usually some girls go for super tight skirt or a dress but I would totally go for pants or leggings. So many times before going out, I would stand in front of my clothes and be like: “What should I wear? Is it casual chic or super chic?” Then I would take my phone and check on Instagram what the girls were wearing at the place i’m going, look again at my clothes and be like: “Fuck! I have nothing!” And every time, wearing just black saved my ass. Black is definitely my go-to color so it’s all good and nobody can tell I was struggling putting a look together for that night!

Have a great weekend!

Pajama blouse: Vero Moda (Bestseller) / Fake leather leggings: Vero Moda (Bestseller) / Shoes: Lulus


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