I thought high waisted jeans weren’t for my body type because they never fit properly. I have a small waist and large hips so if you’re like me, trying on a pair of jeans is a frustrating shopping experience. Usually these sorts of jeans don’t go past my hips, and if I take a larger size, the jeans will be too loose around my waist. So I’m stuck in the middle; should I try to lose weight around my hips or alter the jeans a little? I was in need of a new pair of jeans and tried a few pairs at Bestseller. I put them on and I immediately fell in love. Here are a couple of tips to find the perfect high waisted jeans:

They have to Fit Properly on the Waist AND on the Hips

Like I said, I thought I had no choice but to live with a “loose around the waist” pair of high waisted jeans until I put on a pair that fit my waist perfectly… yes, my life was forever changed that day.

They have to Flatten your Belly by Pushing Inward and not the Opposite!

I tried some other pairs of jeans before that weren’t very flattering because they gave the impression that my belly was sticking out.

Buy Quality Jeans

I used to think that expensive jeans were pricey for no reason so I was usually satisfied with my cheap pair of jeans. After you try on a $10 pair of high waisted jeans and a $110 pair, you notice a big difference! You can’t compromise on the quality, and they won’t fall apart after a couple of washes. The cut is more flattering too.

Take the Tightest Jeans Possible

When I was shopping at Bestseller for a new pair of jeans, I was telling the salesperson how my jeans were getting stretchy and large after a few wears and she told me to always take a tighter pair so it doesn’t stretch too much. But don’t go overboard; if you can’t move, if it hurts your stomach, or if you have your fat hanging out of the waistband, just stick to the size that you feel the most comfortable with.

Take them in Darker Colors

I usually go for black (so slimming!) but I decided to go a bit lighter this time. I try to stay away from all the light colors because they make my thighs and butt look bigger. I don’t want that.

What do you guys think? (to the few people that started reading my blog!) Thank you by the way! It’s motivating me to keep going 🙂







Jeans: Studio Only, Bestseller / Top: Storets / Rings: Catbird / Choker: Aldo / Boots: Aldo


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