Last month, I was invited to receive a facial treatment at Annie Young Boutique Spa.

The day before, my skin was acting up and unfortunately my skin looked inflamed but it was the perfect timing. Let me tell you, my skin was so thankful right after! It was my second time receiving a facial treatment and I have to say, it was my favorite so far!

Mirela was the esthetician for this treatment. She was so attentive and she also analyzed my skin before the facial to make sure I received the best skin care treatment.

Here are all the steps of my facial treatment (with Oxygen Infusion):




-High Frequency

-Toner, Serum & Cream

-Lifting manual remodeling facial massage

I think this is the best part of the treatment. You’re literally getting a massage but on your face. What was amazing is that Mirela massaged half of my face and showed me after the difference…. wow! I couldn’t believe it how one part of my face was lifted and the other part was just..meh! haha! If you saw my Insta Story that day, you know what I’m talking about! I showed the before and after. It was impressive how using hands can change your face suddenly! She told me you can recreate the same result using a microcurrent device (Nuface, showed on the picture below) which is on my “things to buy” list!

-Face Mask

She mixed vitamin C, hyaluronic acid, cucumber and thyme extract together. It was a mask tailored to my skin’s needs. I relaxed for 10 minutes with the face mask on while being wrapped up in a blanket.

-Oxygen infusion

The oxygen infusion was an add-on to my facial. It helps for revitalizing, brightening, hydrating and toning the skin.

-Skin protection

Thanks to Annie Young Boutique Spa and check out their facial treatments here

Photographer: Ann Chalifoux


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