Here’s a little history about my nails; if you’ve been following me since the beginning, (well, since like a year ago basically) I was a girl who wore fake nails all the time. I had them done every three weeks for the last three years!

It all started a few years ago when I saw my mom getting her nails done at the salon. I felt tempted to experience what it was like to have long, beautiful, perfectly curated nails like hers.

I decided to tag along again the next time my mom went to the salon. This time I got my nails done too and was hooked. But after three years, I got tired of it.

First of all, getting your nails done every three weeks in a salon full of people is annoying and time-consuming. But the worst part was that after the first week of having amazing-looking nails, they looked a little embarrassing after that because they would lose their shape so you could clearly see the growth of your nails next to your 3 week-old nail polish…ugh..not pretty!

I wanted to visit the nail salon to get them freshly done again but it’s not cheap. It costs $40-$50 CAD per session and that’s if you go to a “cheap” place. Other places can easily charge more! I could totally take that money and put it towards a trip!

Even though I loved my manicurist (I was sad to stop seeing him in a way) and my perfect, long nails, I felt too dependant on their gel colours and I had to make a trip every time I needed to get them fixed. Also, the bf kept saying how my nails looked tacky when they were 3 weeks old.

I decided that I wanted my natural nails back and I wanted them to be a dark burgundy, one of my favourite shades, not the “not dark enough” burgundy shade that the nail salon had. That was the colour that I wanted and that was it.

I wasn’t used to applying regular nail polish so it was a nightmare when I had to remove my fake nails. My real ones were so damaged that I had to redo them 3 times! Also, the surface of my nails were all irregular and pretty fragile (they broke really easily). The fact that I was impatient too didn’t help either.

My nails were horrible and it was a disaster. I went to the drugstore and spent $70 on another gel kit (the one that transforms regular nail polish to gel) and other supplies but that was a big fail. I still couldn’t get my “nail salon” nails. My manicurist told me that I would eventually come back to the nail salon at some point because, well, nail salon nails are nail salon nails and you can’t beat that.

But I resisted the urge to go back and instead asked for some help from my friend Josyane who’s a nail polish junkie. She invited me over to her place, did my nails and also gave me a few tips and product recommendations that gave me hope because I was getting desperate!

So here are a few tips on taking care of your nails (if you don’t know already or if you’re too impatient like me):
  • Apply the base coat then wait 10 minutes to apply the first coat. Wait another 10 minutes to apply the second coat. Wait 10 minutes. Then wait 20 minutes after you apply the top coat.
  • When you apply your nail polish, make sure you did everything you had to do that requires your hands. This means things like the dishes, taking your shower, washing your face, cooking, etc. You need to leave enough time for your nail polish to completely dry.  Don’t do like I did and floss your teeth after letting the top coat dry. That was really stupid of me because I ruined my nails!
  • Use the Seche Vite dry fast top coat. My friend swears by it. I tried it once and it’s amazing! It’s the best top coat I’ve tried. It dries fast and it makes your nails perfect and shiny!

Thanks to my friend Josyane for her tips! Because of her I didn’t run back to the nail salon! I now have perfect natural nails. Yay!

Now I want to share with you my current favourite nail polish colours:

The Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure and Miracle Gel are great. I loved the colours and was curious to see if it was better than the nail polish that I had bought after removing my fake nails. Also, remember that you have to throw your nail polish away after 2 years. You’ll know this when you see the nail polish separating in the bottle. I had to throw away my entire collection!

The Sally Hansen formula is definitely a keeper. (BTW this post is not sponsored) I like the finish and how long lasting they are and they look almost like a gel polish.

Here are my five shades that I’m currently in love with: “Branch Out” , a dark brown colour , “Wine Stock“, the dark burgundy I was looking for ,”Per-Suede“, a beige-rose colour, “Dig Fig“, an interesting red, which I’m gonna wear non-stop during the Holidays, and “Cream of the Crop“, a shimmer beige-nude colour.



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