Hello Guys,

I’m going to share with you today my beauty summer essentials! So basically, during summer, you’ll need a light foundation, a bronzer, an illuminating powder for the face and a self-tanner for your body. That’s it, that’s all! You don’t really need a lot of makeup. I try to keep it simple. I remembered last year, I was using my regular foundation during the summer and holy shit I was sweating! It was gross and not really pretty to sweat through the foundation.

This year, I went for something lighter, a BB cream with an SPF30. Super important!! I was the kind of girl who stayed in the shade and came back from vacation with zero tan, white like a ghost, even two days ago, my boyfriend said: “the whole time we’ve been dating I never saw you getting a tan”…so yeah…I stay away from the sun and a protection is a must!

If I put self tanner on, I will mix my BB cream (my natural skin color) with the Benefit liquid bronzer so my face can match the rest of my body! Since I don’t like to tan under the sun, I rely on a self tanner to give me a tan and my favorite is St. Tropez. I’ve been using it for a couple of years now and I really like this one specially in the Dark shade. And finally, I finish my natural makeup look with the illuminating powder.


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