If there’s one way to appreciate winter season is to go skiing. It’s been years I didn’t hit the slopes and I blame it on my lack of good ski equipment and it ain’t cheap!

I used to skiboard (you know the short skis that make you go super fast). Well, it’s apparently too dangerous and illegal (the fixtures on the skis). I tried snowboarding once because when you snowboard; you look cool, but I didn’t appear cool at all when I couldn’t get up and spent most of my lesson on my butt. So, I gave up the idea of me snowboarding like a badass. And the normal skis are too long for my taste.

I’m basically too picky to go skiing and every winter I tell myself: “Ok, this season you have to go”. But never went, I believe it’s easier for me to stick to an après-ski look. You can totally wear the après-ski chic outfit without hitting the slopes, right? Because like me, you prefer to invest money on clothes than ski equipment or to spend your weekend in the comfort of your home instead of freezing at the top of the hill. Cocooning is my jam!

Let’s talk about this outfit: I bought this metallic jacket on sale online. I couldn’t resist a jacket like this for $28! I love the style of it and I’m waiting for the weather to be less cold to wear it (It’s always freaking freezing here!). And the cat eye sunglasses adds a little chic touch to this outfit. They’re fun and so different from my “usual” Ray Ban sunglasses that you perhaps saw a million times on my past blog posts (Major scoop: You will see them again soon!).

Unfortunately, the sunglasses are out of stock now, I hope they come back soon if you fell in love with them! With the metallic puffer jacket, this outfit truly gave me this “après-ski” vibe.

Seriously, I have to go skiing this year… for real this time!…

Metallic puffer jacket: Forever21 / Sunglasses: Asos / Boots: Blondo / Jeans: Only / Sweater: H&M / Crossbody wallet bag: Zara


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