Valentine’s day is tomorrow!

And I have a confession to make: I enjoy Valentine’s day more when I’m single than when I’m in a relationship… weird but true. First of all, it’s cheesy and when you’re coupled up, it’s a hundred times cheesier. Also, V Day comes with expectations and usually when there’s expectation, disappointment isn’t far away.
Valentine’s day can be fun celebrating by yourself rather than having a dinner for two in a overcrowded sushi restaurant. Here’s how you can make the most of it:


Celebrate with your family, girlfriends (Galentine’s Day!) or your pet!

You don’t need a man to celebrate Valentine’s Day. Yes, it’s the day of love but love is everywhere in our life. So, spend it with the people you love: your mom, dad, friends, dog, etc… They are the ones who you can always count on and love you unconditionally.


Treat yourself

Again, you don’t need a man to buy you flowers, chocolate, lingerie or jewelry. Nobody knows you better than yourself and now is the time to treat yourself the way YOU want.  Treat yourself with a box of chocolate, a glass of wine, a bouquet of roses, go online and buy yourself a sexy bra or that necklace you always wanted to buy. You’re basically romancing yourself so no disappointments, guaranteed!


Embrace being alone

Being single isn’t the end of the world and more often than not, people jump from one relationship to another only to escape being alone with themselves. Being in a relationship isn’t better than being single. Both have pros and cons. I hardly doubt you’ll be single forever so why not take the opportunity now to embrace it! This Valentine’s day, spend your evening alone at home. Make popcorn, order a pizza or takeout from your favorite restaurant, watch a movie or a tv show in your favorite pajama set, read a book, listen to “Confidence Boost” and “Single. + Loving it.” playlists on Spotify and don’t forget to pamper yourself: take a bath, put a face mask on and do your nails. For me the best nights are the ones when I’m alone and cozy at home doing whatever I want and taking care of myself.



Remember, take the day on Valentine’s Day to practice Self-Love and do whatever YOU want!

Happy Valentine’s Day (or Singles Awareness Day! Whichever you prefer!)

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