I only heard a little of St. Barth before this trip and saw some pictures on Instagram but never thought too much about it. When we landed in Saint Martin and were having a chat with our client (she told us what to do and not to do), she suggested going to an island close by. St Barth was an option, Anguilla too…there are so many, it’s easy for them to take a plane or boat and come back in one day! As soon as she said “St. Barth, it’s beautiful there, you have to go,” I said: “Yes, SP let’s go there!”. When you travel to an island in the Caribbean for the first time and you have the option to see St. Barth, you say YES! And, yes to the flight and not the boat (more on that later)! It was now or never! She also told us that it was more spectacular to land in St. Barth than to arrive by boat. So, the next day, we booked a one-way flight to St. Barth and a boat ride on the way back.

The Flight

There are no words to describe the flight but this sentence will do: “It was the best flight of our lives!” That’s it.  When we were on our way to board the little plane (9 passengers only), the airport staff showed us where to seat and she showed me my seat: the copilot seat. I was like “What? This can’t be right…”I had mixed feelings about it. I felt super excited to have the cockpit view but terrified at the same time. What if we fall and crash?  The pilot and I would be the first to die! Oh my god, no!!! It was frightening but airplanes and the job of a pilot always fascinated me so to experience the take-off and the landing in the copilot seat was a dream come true! You can watch my “Flying to St-Barth” video below to see the flight!

After we landed, we had to go through customs and my first reaction was: “You speak French here?” I had no clue it was a French island like Saint Martin. As I said in the beginning, I didn’t know much about this island so bear with me!
It’s also after we spent a day there that we realized this island is for the rich and famous!
We rented a convertible Mini Cooper and we were off to explore the island! The entire day was basically SP and I driving around the island, that’s it. We stopped for lunch, spent a little bit of time on St. Jean beach next to Nikki beach and walked in Gustavia before dropping our rental car there.


The Food

Speaking of lunch, we were searching for a place to eat. I checked online but didn’t know where to go or the best place to go so I saw Eden Rock in my search results; it was open and close by. (There were a lot of shops and restaurants closed on Monday.) We were so hungry we just wanted to go eat and gave the car to the valet and headed to the beach bar. It was under construction but the restaurant and beach were opened during the renovations.

The food was amazing but it was so expensive, 22 euros for a watermelon salad…What? The lunch cost almost $200 CAD. That’s when we realized we went to the most expensive place of the island haha! And after searching online, I saw a photo of Paul McCartney at the beach right where we were…..So it explains everything!

Also, when we were walking around Gustavia, where you find most of the luxury shops and restaurants, we stopped by a little fancy market and guess what? A popcorn bag (same brand as I saw here in Canada)  was freaking $13 CAD. Are you kidding me?!! Okay…so I guess I’ll skip the popcorn! But we found another supermarket (less fancy) and bought some snacks at a reasonable price!

Driving there is also difficult. The roads are narrow and there are a lot of driving up and down hills.  Also, when we were there (in June) it was hot, like insanely hot so much I had to remove my top (I had a bikini top) and had almost no appetite.

I’d recommend spending some time at the St. Jean Beach, it’s beautiful and drive around to see the other beaches. There’s not a lot to do on this island!

We left around 6p.m. with the last ferry. And, I got seasick. Actually, it was my first time being seasick and unfortunately, not my last one…I got seasick on our following trip in Italy in the ferry from Ischia to Naples. It was awful. If you don’t want to spend too much, take the ferry but if you’re prone to motion sickness like me ( it’s new for me, I wasn’t like this before)  it’s better to take the airplane back to Saint Martin. The ferry takes around 45 minutes and the plane under 10 minutes.

That’s it for St-Barth. Next travel guide coming soon will be Italy!



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