As you probably know it, Osheaga was last weekend and if you read my last post, you also know that I planned my outfit a month in advance so here it is: My Osheaga outfit! I didn’t want to go full boho so I mixed a little bit. First of all, my “Love roses” denim jacket wasn’t suppose to be included in my look, but it was a bit cold outside but at least it was sunny! Unlike the two other days where it was raining, we were lucky to choose the best day!

The denim jacket turned out to be a nice touch to the outfit. I was eyeing the fanny pack for a couple of days on Asos and when it became unavailable, my heart sank. But I was determined to get it so every day I was checking the Asos fanny pack section (haha!) and suddenly it became available again! (“Hands in the air emoji”) So, I jumped on it! There was no way I let this one flipped in my hands again! Hell no! Lesson learned, if you see something you like, don’t wait! Since Osheaga is a music festival, I wanted to wear things that I wouldn’t wear everyday like the red sunglasses. It was weird at first to see things in like red-pink tone, but let me tell you, it was handy for my friend and sister to find me in the crowd! For the hair, we went to get braids at Mëdz hair salon in verdun and I also pimped my fishtail braid with some hair rings, so festival-ish.

This year, it was my first time as a festival goer. I used to work at Osheaga so to go as a normal person and not a (promo) worker was a different experience. I went one day only because one day is kind of enough, I mean for me. I don’t like big crowds and waiting to go pee. Speaking of peeing, jeeeez that day, I peed every freaking hour man! My friend was like “AGAIN?!?!”.When you go to a place like this, it’s best when you don’t pee but I guess my body was like “fuck it! Your bladder is getting exceptionally smaller today!”.

I went with one of my close friends and from my very but very small circle of friends. (I belong to the loner club!) and we were so excited to go and at the last minute, my sister (who doesn’t look like my sister at all fyi) bought tickets and came with her friend. Also this year, the site was at a different place in Parc Jean-Drapeau. I actually liked the two main stages facing each other and the Scene de L’ile, we were dancing and bouncing on a floating dance floor. That was cool.

We spent a lot of time at the Scene de l’Ile. I really like electro music and while we were hanging there, we discovered KiNK. It was so good that we waited until he was done to go see Foster the people and because of that, I missed the beginning of their show. Foster the people was one band I reaaallyyy wanted to see (again!). It was my third time seeing them and I enjoyed every single time. I was so happy when they ended the show with “Loyal like Sid & Nancy”. It’s a new song from their new album, I love this song so much.

Then we saw Crystal Castles. Seven years ago, my friend and I were like fan of Crystal Castles. She even bought me as a birthday gift a concert ticket for their show. Seven years later, they happened to play at Osheaga the day we picked. It brought back so many memories and I freaked out like crazy when they started playing “Baptism”! An oldie but so good!

I was on the hunt for vegetarian food over there. Let me rephrase it: I was on the hunt for a vegetarian poutine! The previous years, I always found good vegetarian options, but this year, I don’t know if it was my red sunglasses but I didn’t see a lot of options. There was a Mandy’s food truck, but eating salad is not cutting it for me, I mean, who the hell is eating salad at a festival?!?! Salad all week: yes! Isabelle at a music festival: junk food for the win! So I found this Japan poutine and it was amazing. Crispy french fries, Sriracha, fried onions, wakame,….. mmmmmmm!

Then I got those annoying stomach cramps while watching The Weeknd. Can you believe it! Suffering while watching The Weeknd, unbelievable! I don’t know what happened, too much peeing? The red sunglasses got me sick? the delicious poutine? Or the sugary pre-made rhum based drinks? I’ll never know, but The Weeknd was amazing live and it ended perfectly this fun day at Osheaga!

Top: Asos / Jeans: Only (bestseller) / Fanny pack: Asos / Denim jacket: Zara / Sunglasses: ZeroUV / Boots: Aldo / Hair rings: Etsy / Necklaces: H&M / Choker: Are you am I


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